February 19, 2015

Happy Chinese New Year!


We wish all of our colleagues, customers and friends a Happy New Year!


February 18, 2015

INDUSTRONIC’s Charity Campaign – Results!

President Wolfgang Stallmeyer and members of the "Oktavenspringer".

President Wolfgang Stallmeyer and members of the “Oktavenspringer”.

Thank you once more for supporting our ongoing Christmas Charity Campaign “Donations Instead of Gifts”.

Worldwide you, our customers and partners, cast your online votes for one of four charity organizations. From this selection the donation amount of € 6,000 will be distributed according to the votes cast.

Again, the “SOS Children’s Villages“ received most of the votes and will use the fund for a newly opened family center in Frankfurt. The “Worldwide Initiative for Social Commitment” came in second supporting the “Las Hormiguitas” Center for Social Promotion in Nicaragua.

In third place, the DAHW – German Leprosy and TB Relief Association will be supporting the fight against Ebola. Fourth place goes to the local project – the choral society “Oktavenspringer”.

INDUSTRONIC is happy to see that the donations will now be put into action and is proud to support the valuable work of these charity organizations!

February 13, 2015

Page & CallBack

In my latest blog posts about INDUSTRONIC functions I introduced you to different one-way and two-way communication procedures. Today´s function combines these two types of voice connections in one application – the so-called “Page & CallBack” function.

You use Page & CallBack if you want to address a person who is somewhere in the plant, but you don´t know exactly where. After the person concerned has called back, both subscribers can speak to each other.

Paging All Individuals

First, you establish an all call and page the specific person. In the announcement the person concerned is asked to call back by dialing a specific call number.

 Private Two-way Communication

The person concerned goes to the next available intercom station and as soon as he calls back, an exclusive two-way connection is established. Both subscribers can now speak and listen alternately, but not simultaneously. All other subscribers cannot listen.

Communication Procedure

The following illustration shows the Page & CallBack procedure in detail.





Duplex Mode

As soon as the person concerned calls back, the conversation can also be held in full-duplex mode. Both subscribers can then speak and listen simultaneously. By default, the conversation is held in half-duplex mode as two-way connection.


For the announcement (Page) at the beginning of the communication procedure you can assign different priorities to the intercom stations used. Usually a control room intercom station has a higher priority than an outdoor intercom station. This means that the control room can interrupt an active all call established by an outdoor intercom station and trigger its own call.

Pre-tones and Warning Beacons

It is possible to play back a pre-announcement tone prior to the call. A positive effect is that listeners stop their conversations or noisy activities to focus on the announcement that follows. Furthermore, there is the option to activate flashing warning beacons which indicate the call visually.

Download a more detailed version of this blog article as PDF here.

See also my previous articles about the related functions all call and two-way communication.

January 30, 2015

New Brochure on INDUSTRONIC’s Redundancy Concepts Now Available

INDUSTRONIC is pleased to announce the publication of the new marketing brochure on redundancy concepts. This document provides all the details about the individual redundancy concepts already introduced in my recent blog posts right at your fingertips. Find out how they work, for which types of applications they are typically used, and of course what the main benefits are. Also learn more about the variety of possible power supply combinations.

There is a separate overview table at the end of the document for you to compare the different redundancy concepts and their features. If you have any questions or need more details, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to assist you.

You can download the new brochure as PDF version here.









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January 23, 2015

Dynamic Group Call

Today´s topic of INDUSTRONIC functions is the “Dynamic Group Call” which allows to establish a call to a freely selectable group of members.

One Subscriber Speaks – All Selected Members Listen

A dynamic group call provides communication in one direction (unidirectional) where one subscriber speaks and all selected members of the group listen simultaneously (Point-to-Multipoint connection). Members and targets can be acoustic devices of any type (e.g. speakers, intercom stations, etc.), audio interfaces, SIP subscribers and/or radio subscribers.

You use this function if you want to transmit information to an individual group of different subscribers of a communication and public address system.

Communication Procedure

The operator at Station A presses the corresponding key to activate the mode for setting up a dynamic group call. After that, he selects all members of the group which should receive the call by pressing the corresponding keys. Then, he presses the Speak to Selection key, keeps it pressed and speaks into the microphone (Push-to- Talk). All previously selected members listen to the announcement simultaneously.

The following illustration shows a dynamic group call which consists of Station D and E as well as the Speaker Zones A and B.

Dynamic Group Call


You can assign an individual priority for each dynamic group call. This means that an active call overrides functions with the same or lower priority. It can only be interrupted by a voice connection or function with a higher priority.

Pre-tones and Warning Beacons

It is possible to play back a pre-announcement tone prior to a dynamic group call or the actual message. A positive effect is that listeners stop their conversations or noisy activities to focus on the announcement that follows.

Furthermore, there is the option to activate flashing warning beacons which indicate the call visually.

Download a more detailed version of this blog article as PDF here.

See also my previous articles about the related functions Group Call and All Call.

January 16, 2015

Functional Testing – An Important Job

In my series about different departments of our company, I am introducing you to Functional Testing today.

Our in-house testing room is well-equipped with INTRON-D and INTRON-D plus systems. Furthermore, there is an impressive number of intercom stations and devices to test latest versions as well as older ones with respect to compatibility and function. The colleagues who work there have mainly three tasks.

Work at a test system in our in-house testing room

Testing of new software releases

New software versions, either for already existing or completely new products, have to be tested prior to approval. It is important to properly test and retest all functions of a new software release in order to detect and fix any bugs before the product comes on the market.

Replication of incidents in the field

When incidents occur in the field, it sometimes helps to reproduce them here in our headquarters and analyze their cause. Often it is merely operating error and our Technical Support gladly provides the customer with guidance for proper usage.

Extension or upgrade of existing systems

The third task is to simulate an extension or upgrade of existing customer systems before the implementation in the field. This is necessary in the case of complex systems with many interconnections or safety systems. During these tests the system is systematically stressed. This way the customer receives a well-prepared system minimizing the shutdown time needed for installation and commissioning.

As you can see, my colleagues in the Functional Testing department have an interesting and varied job that holds a lot of responsibility.

January 7, 2015

Greeting from the President 2015

Dear Reader,wolfgang stallmeyer

INDUSTRONIC was founded 50 years ago. At that time relay technology was regarded as state of the art, followed by electronic, digital and now IP technology. It has always been a priority for us to ensure the integration of existing INDUSTRONIC systems into newer technologies. Even today some relay systems are still in use. They are only replaced due to new communication requirements or because spare parts are no longer available.

Nowadays hybrid solutions with integrated IP and digital 2-wire technology are widely used. 100 % IP solutions are insufficient in most industrial plants, as power supply is not provided everywhere. Furthermore, many companies want to use their existing cabling.

But more important than technology is the range of communication functions and ease of use. Our PA/GA systems with gas and wind sensors, pre-recorded texts for different types of emergency scenarios and wide range of priority levels are increasingly used worldwide. Such complex systems can be easily configured with our cutting-edge Config Manager software saving time and money.

One of our strengths is combining functional diversity with easy configuration. Our priority is to provide our customers with excellent service and fast technical implementation. Above all, our focus is on project-specific customer orientation and the enormous diversity of industrial requirements ranging from the freezing Arctic Circle to the hottest deserts, from Onshore to Offshore applications, from steel works to open-cast mining – this is what drives and fascinates us.

Industrial risks and their management are becoming increasingly demanding. At the same time technical progress leads to new possibilities. INDUSTRONIC offers the solutions! During our anniversary year we will be presenting these in worldwide workshops. We warmly invite you to join us.

Regards, Wolfgang Stallmeyer


December 18, 2014

INDUSTRONIC wishes Happy Holidays


Season’s Greetings!

We want to extend a special thank you to all of our readers, customers, and partners for your interest and support during the year!

The entire team here at INDUSTRONIC sends you and your loved ones all the best for a wonderful and happy festive season! We wish you peace and happiness for the New Year!

We will be off on vacation until January 6, 2015 and look forward to welcoming you back in 2015!

Warm Greetings




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December 11, 2014

INDUSTRONIC – 50 Years of Excellence!

Our Corporate Anniversary

On December 11, 2014 we celebrate a major milestone in our company history, which marks the start of the coming anniversary year. We are proud to be a leader in the field of industrial communication for 50 years now!


The beginnings…

How did it all start? In 1964, three visionary engineers and one businessman, supported by a local investor from Wertheim, decided to start their own enterprise geared towards the industrial sector. Their first customer was the largest steel manufacturer in Germany.

On December 11, 1964 INDUSTRONIC was officially registered as a company. (As a side-note, the name INDUSTRONIC is a composition of the two words Industrie and Electronic). Development work started immediately and from then on things proceeded rapidly.

In 1966 production of INDUSTRONIC systems started in Berlin, resulting in a steady increase in revenue and number of employees.

Wolfgang Stallmeyer

Wolfgang Stallmeyer

In 1971 the Stallmeyer family took over the company and it has been family owned ever since. In 1979 INDUSTRONIC moved into its newly built factory and office buildings in Wertheim. Market share continued to grow and expansion into further industrial sectors was attained. In 1992 resp. 1995 customer service centers were opened in Ludwigshafen and Dormagen in order to better support the German key accounts.

At the beginning of the 21st century, subsidiaries were founded in China and the USA due to the continuing worldwide success. Prior to that an international network of partners and representatives was established. In 2009 a large new office building was built on the existing premises in order to accommodate the growing number of employees. Moreover, in 2013 INDUSTRONIC further strengthened its business presence in the Asia-Pacific region by opening its own representative office in Singapore.

On the occasion of its 50th anniversary INDUSTRONIC can look back on its growth, celebrate its achievements in becoming a global market leader and anticipate a bright future.














December 4, 2014

INDUSTRONIC Charity Campaign

INDUSTRONIC Charity Campaign

The continuing positive responses and immense participation encouraged us to conduct our charity campaign, “Donations instead of Gifts” for the fourth consecutive year. Rather than send Christmas cards and gifts to our business partners, we will make a charitable donation to local and humanitarian organizations.

We invite you to participate in our campaign and vote for your preferred organization.

Click here to go to the charity campaign “Donations instead of Gifts”.