October 23, 2017

Autumn Outdoor Activities

What started out as a charity event has now become an annual tradition – the local Wertheim Autumn Run. INDUSTRONIC employees lined up to run the 4,5k or 10k loop through the historic city and along the banks of the Tauber River.

Ready to go!


       Motivation was on-going…                                                                               …the weather was fair – spirits were high!


Even the upcoming „INDUSTRONIC Generation“ joined in!

We all look forward to the next event!

September 19, 2017

Mobile Communication – a key feature of Industry 4.0

Production facilities as well as industrial processes and procedures are experiencing the “fourth industrial revolution” through the arrival of mobile terminals, real-time applications and the Internet.

Industry 4.0 is now reality and every day business.



But where does this development come from and why should we deal with this new kind of industry at all?

Companies are always on the lookout for new ways to increase operational efficiency and employee productivity. Rapid response to changing customer requirements is also a challenge that needs to be mastered professionally. In addition to the economic advantage, the focus of the companies is also on a consistent, if not increased, quality and safety in order to offer the customer an appropriate added value.   Read more »

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August 16, 2017

UPGRADES! Opportunity – Progress – Safety

For several years now, it has become clear that digital communication, e.g. via ISDN, is increasingly being overtaken by new technologies such as IP. The circuit-based communication protocols (cable between the terminal device and the central exchange unit) are thus replaced by packet-based protocols. The advantage of this new type of communication lies in the variety of available services. With the help of IP infrastructures, various services such as communication, CCTV, access control or similar can be flexibly implemented for the user. A particular bonus here is facilitated monitoring, as well as the possibility to carry out maintenance.

As a result of this development, owners of (industrial) communication systems are faced with various questions:


Is my communication system still up-to-date?

How long will it still be reliable?

Is the safety of my employees still guaranteed with an old system?

How can I integrate new technologies into my processes?

And how can I ensure that my financial investments deliver lasting benefits?


There is an answer to all these questions: the system upgrade! Read more »

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August 1, 2017

Studying in the Golden State – A Rewarding Experience

Read an interesting report written by Louis Schäfer, INDUSTRONIC student in the dual study program “Industrial Engineering”, who spent a couple of months at the University of California in Riverside (UCR).

Hello, my name is Louis Schäfer and I´m a student in the dual study program “Industrial Engineering” at the DHBW Mosbach. During my education, I´m gaining both theoretical and practical experience by switching between studying at my university in Bad Mergentheim and working at INDUSTRONIC in Wertheim. At the end of our second academic year our home university gives us the possibility to go abroad for one semester.

We could choose between a couple of partner universities all over the world. In agreement with my trainers at INDUSTRONIC I decided to go to the UCR in California. I chose that school because I wanted to improve my English skills, get to know the American culture and travel the country.

Louis on the UCR sign at the University of California in Riverside

Louis on the UCR sign at the University of California in Riverside

Read more »

June 14, 2017

High Power Sirens vs. Horn Loudspeakers

As you might know INDUSTRONIC’s Acoustic Siren Horn ASH 125 can be used as a big horn loudspeaker due to its

Unique Features

  • Built-in 100V toroidal audio transformer
  • Extraordinary audio performance

Gives the Outstanding Advantages

  • Usage of the same amplifiers independently of siren horn or loudspeaker
  • Long distances of cable runs to siren masts
  • Centralized remote amplifiers with no need of outdoor climate cabinets
  • Centralized power supplies and battery backup with no need of solar panels

Substitute for Horn Loudspeakers

Due to the exceptional audio performance of INDUSTRONIC’s Acoustic Siren Horn it can be used as a complete substitute for any type of industrial outdoor horn loudspeaker.


The following picture shows a calculation and comparison between 5 (five) common 25 Watts industrial horn loudspeakers and 1 (one) 125 Watts INDUSTRONIC Acoustic Siren Horn.

The instalation was simulated in a tank farm. Both systems were mounted on 15 meter high masts.


As you can easily see 5 horn loudspeakers cover much less of the area than 1 single Acoustic Siren Horn.

This gives the possibility of covering large areas with less effort as wiring and assembly costs are reduced.


Are there only benefits?     

 …let’s say there are also some disadvantages:

Big coverage means that big areas are acoustically addressed and the saying

‘A lot helps a lot’

is not correct in every case due to potential echoes, reflections and disturbing sound in the surroundings.

  • In order to get a selective coverage, the use of smaller horn loudspeakers may be more effective.

High sound pressure levels require safety precautions.

  • The surrounding of siren masts must be equipped with safety barriers to avoid hearing impairments.
  • Wearing adequate ear protection is also necessary when working in immediate vicinity of the siren masts.



INDUSTRONIC’s Acoustic Siren Horn is a valuable acoustic tool for many industrial applications.

The performance is outstanding if it is used by skilled hands and if it is cleverly planned.


Soon we will publish our new Acoustic Siren Horn Brochure there you can learn more on the various fields of application, the mounting options and technical details.

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May 18, 2017

OTC 2017 in Houston

Recently we visited the OTC in Houston where our USA-subsidiary was exhibiting at the German Pavilion.



Here visitors could find a display of existing, new and upcoming INDUSTRONIC products. The Vice-President of INDUSTRONIC Inc. highlighted the advantages and flexibility of our industrial communication system. Also, our “Director Products” from Headquarters, Christine Segler, was able to transfer a wealth of information and expertise. 


We met up with old friends, newcomers, suppliers and had rewarding talks with interested parties. The overall feel of the event was very good – there was an optimistic outlook regarding the resurgence of the Oil & Gas Market.

All in all, it was a very successful event. We look forward to the OGA in Malaysia in July 2017!

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April 7, 2017

Time-controlled Functions

Today´s topic in my series of INDUSTRONIC functions are “Time-controlled Functions” which allow to automatically trigger functions and sequences according to the time specified. They can be defined for a longer period of time (from/to) as well as for a single recurring point in time (at x o´clock).

Application Example “Night Mode”

For speaker announcements by night, the volume is lowered (night mode). By day, from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., all acoustic signals are broadcasted at high volume. From 10:00 p.m., night mode is activated. Then, all acoustic signals are automatically broadcasted at lower volume. From 6:00 a.m., volume is increased to normal level.

E-mail Notifications, Prayer Calls and Much More

Additionally, you can also use it to send different types of information via e-mail (e.g. system states), broadcast break time signals or even prayer calls at specified times.

Time Synchronization via NTP Server

The time of the INDUSTRONIC system can be synchronized via a NTP server provided by the customer.

Download a more detailed version here.

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February 23, 2017

INTRON-D plus /FA – INDUSTRONIC’s Voice Alarm System Certified According to EN 54-16

The EN 54-16 standard specifies the test procedure, the performance criteria and the different requirements for voice alarm systems connected to fire detection and fire alarm systems providing fire alarm signals and messages to protect human life in case of fire.

The standard defines system functions that are mandatory (e.g. specific key colors for different states) as well as optional functions (e.g. emergency microphone, manual control of voice alarms, suitable flashing warning beacons, redundant power amplifiers) that can be provided by the system as a useful addition.

INDUSTRONIC is happy to announce that the INTRON-D plus /FA system with the latest components fulfills all assessment and verification criterias for the constancy of performance stipulated in the EN 54-16 standard. The system can be used as voice alarm control and indicating equipment (VACIE) for fire detection and fire alarm systems. We call it INTRON-D plus /FA to distinguish it from a non-certified system. FA stands for fire alarm.

The certification procedure was carried out by the Notified Body no. 0036 TÜV Süd Industrie Service GmbH. Different tests (e.g. audio performance, EMC, temperature resistance, software, and vibration test) were successfully performed in an accredited test lab.

Our new emergency microphone 30 EMI 010/FA for use in EN 54-16 systems was also included in the tests. It offers the following key features:

30 EMI 010/FA

  • Sturdy housing for wall mounting
  • Striking red color and labeled as emergency microphone – can be easily spotted
  • Viewing window for good visibility of keys
    and status indicators as specified in EN 54-16
  • Monitoring of microphone function
  • Door lock to be opened by a fireman in case of fire

For more details, please refer to our data sheet.

Please click the following link to view the EN 54-16 certificate of constancy of performance and the declaration of performance for the INTRON-D plus / FA system with a detailed overview of the system’s essential characteristics as well as the EU declaration of conformity.

Pictures from the lab – the INTRON-D plus /FA system put to the test

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February 10, 2017

INDUSTRONIC at the INTERSEC 2017 Trade Fair

This year, INDUSTRONIC participated as an exhibitor at the Intersec trade fair in Dubai for the first time.

At the German Pavilion, visitors had the chance to examine our products. Our Director of Sales, as well as the responsible Area Sales Manager were pleased to answer questions and give advice.

The Intersec trade fair is one of the leading international meeting platforms for the Security & Safety industry. For 18 years it has proven to be the no. 1 business platform in the MENA (Middle East & North Africa) region and beyond.
The last event in January 2016 featured more than 1,280 exhibitors and welcomed over 31,261 visitors from 128 countries, which made it the largest and most international Intersec of all times.

The fair was a good opportunity to meet customers and interested parties from all over the world. Furthermore we made new contacts and met our partners.

We were able to show our clients the latest developments and to discuss their requirements.

Beside our future smartphone application, we presented our new acoustic horn and the software-based PC intercom station NCP.

The feedback was excellent and we hope to create new business opportunities due to the excellent feedback we received.

We would like to express our gratitude to all our visitors who made the event so special and successful for us.

INDUSTRONIC would like to take the chance to thank everyone for visiting our booth in the German Pavilion at the Intersec. It was another outstanding experience and we enjoyed the inspiring conversations with visitors as well as exhibitors.

Thank you very much again and we hope to see you soon at our next exhibition.




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January 28, 2017

Happy Chinese New Year!














We wish all of our colleagues, customers and friends a Happy Chinese New Year 2017!