January 18, 2019


INTERSEC Dubai, with its unique product diversity, is one of the most important industry meeting points worldwide as it is one of the world’s leading trade fairs for Security, Safety & Fire Protection.

For years, the fair has not only attracted clients from the Middle East, but also from all

over the world, offering thousands of influential trade buyers the latest security & safety solutions and exciting new opportunities in the world of security.

From 20th – 22nd January more than 1,300 exhibitors will present their products on

59,000 m² in the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre (DICEC).

Our Area Sales Manager Mr. Tobias Lang will represent INDUSTRONIC at booth 2-F23 (German Pavilion) during this year’s INTERSEC Dubai.

He will introduce you to our state-of-the-art INTRON-D plus communication and public address system, designed and manufactured by INDUSTRONIC in Germany.

Furthermore, you can have a look at our new IP desktop intercom station Access Panel with color touch display and of course our DUSTRON App for industrial communication.

We are looking forward to meeting you at the INTERSEC 2019. See you there!

We are interested to know: Do you prefer shows or inhouse workshops?
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January 1, 2019

Greeting from the President 2019

Dear Reader,

Challenging and dangerous industrial environments are our business.

Our weather-proof and explosion-proof terminal devices as well as our wide range

of communication solutions facilitate your work in any production environment.

Redundant designs ensure that communication is possible at any time.

We provide up to 200 priority levels in communication which cover the different and often extremely dangerous conditions depending on the current production.

There are specific requirements and hazards in every industry. We know them all. Worldwide.

Contact us. We are happy to assist you.

Regards, Wolfgang Stallmeyer

December 20, 2018

INDUSTRONIC wishes Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers
and partners for their confidence and cooperation.
INDUSTRONIC sends warmest greetings and best wishes to you
and your family for health and happiness throughout the coming year.


Charity Campaign

This year we are continuing our campaign
„Donations Instead of Gifts“.
Be sure to click on the names of the organizations
to see which projects we are supporting.

December 19, 2018

INDUSTRONIC’s Charity Funds in Action

Here is an update how last year’s charity funds were put into action in 2018 by the charitable organizations we supported:


“Help for Mauretania”

(AEPN Mauretanienhilfe e.V.)

We supported the AEPN Mauretanienhilfe e.V. It is a nonprofit organization that supports children, adolescents and their families in the West African state of Mauretania. They have been active there with our local partner for more than 10 years.
The project: Many people in Mauretania are not fortunate enough to visit a dentist. In large parts of West Africa dentists are not available, and when they are, most people cannot afford them in any case.


The AEPN provides comprehensive dental care for all children and employees of the Nouadhibou day care center. For most of them this is the only chance of receiving any dental care at all.

Bad oral hygiene and neglected dental problems can lead to much more severe illnesses. For this reason the AEPN provides regular workshops for the women and families in the neighborhood. These teach the importance of correct oral and dental hygiene and are gaining more popularity by the day. Dr. Fadel, the local dentist and our competent and dedicated partner, invested his medical experience and time for the children and their parents.


“Helping Indigenous Peoples of  South America”

(Freundeskreis Indianerhilfe e.V.)

Last year we supported the organization „Helping Indigenous Peoples of South America” with the following project: Hugo, a 14-year-old boy of the Urarina tribe in Peru who was bitten by a snake.

Hugo had bad luck. He was bitten by a snake in his village Nuevo Horizonte. With great pain, massive swelling and bruises a family member brought him to the Tucunaré hospital. This took a while due to the large distances. He was given painkillers, cortisone and ampules of polyvalent antivenom as well as antibiotics since there were already signs of an additional infection of the wound. The next day the wound didn’t look any better – it had gotten worse. The antivenom treatment had not worked, so the doctors in the Tucunaré hospital decided to transfer the boy to Iquitos. But this also took a long time because a helicopter (as in the past) was no longer available. So the hospital boat had to be readied for the trip. Dr. Florian accompanied the little patient. They departed from Tucunaré at noon and arrived in Iquitos at the Hospital Regional at 4 pm the next day.

His condition had deteriorated even further. The little patient Hugo Nuribe Cunaya was in a state of shock. A “compartment syndrome” had developed in the lower leg, i.e. the hemorrhages in the muscles damaged the nerves and triggered sepsis. The doctors in the hospital decided to schedule an operation to relieve nerves and muscles. But Paulina, a representative in Iquitos, had to obtain blood bags first. She needed blood type 0+ and only after three blood bags were found the operation could take place the next day. Unfortunately, three days after the operation there was no sign of improvement. A second operation was inevitable.

To save the life of the boy, they decided to amputate the lower leg.  But this was not the end of the story. One week later, he had also to be amputated at the thigh. It is really admirable how bravely the boy accepted his fate without complaining. Like many Urarina people, Hugo hardly ate anything in the hospital and lost a lot of weight. Only after being discharged from hospital was he able to eat his usual food again: Fish and cooking bananas. Hugo then was able to smile again. Once he has reached his normal weight and the wound has healed he will be fitted with a prosthesis.


December 11, 2018

Celebration Time – INDUSTRONIC’s Christmas Party

This year’s Christmas Party took place at the premises of the Hotel “Zur Schönen Aussicht” in Marktheidenfeld. Almost 150 people followed the invitation of President Wolfgang Stallmeyer to celebrate the successful business year and the start of the festive season.

After the champagne reception, Mr. Stallmeyer welcomed all employees with a speech. Next on the agenda was the farewell of our retirees and the honouring of our long-standing employees of which we are very proud. This year sees 11 employees celebrating 10 years of service, 2 employees with 25 years and 2 employees who have been working for INDUSTRONIC for even 45 years! What an achievement. We value their loyalty and commitment throughout the years and are looking forward to many more.

Mr. Stallmeyer holding a speech

Mr. Stallmeyer holding a speech

The General Management (Mr. Stallmeyer on the far left and Mr. Dietrich on the far right) with INDUSTRONIC’s long-standing employees and retirees

The General Management (Mr. Stallmeyer on the far left and Mr. Dietrich on the far right) with INDUSTRONIC’s long-standing employees and retirees













The all-time favorite of the yearly programme was again the INDUSTRONIC Christmas choir where all new employees sang Christmas carols for the rest of the staff.

The INDUSTRONIC Christmas choir

The INDUSTRONIC Christmas choir

The kitchen of the hotel spoiled us with a tasty menu starting with an appetizer plate, followed by a rich buffet with pork tenderloin in a herb coat, sautéed fjord salmon, roast venison and other treats. There was something for everyone. The selection of various desserts and the cheese platter as late-night snack rounded off the dinner.

After the dinner, some colleagues arranged a quiz with funny questions about INDUSTRONIC and Christmas where the different teams could demonstrate their knowledge. Later in the evening, a DJ played music to get the guests dancing.

This festive party was a big success with unforgettable moments and lots of fun. We want to thank our host for this wonderful evening, the excellent service and the delicious food!

November 7, 2018


It is again an exciting time of the year. A lot of trade fairs will take place in the next weeks and INDUSTRONIC can hardly wait to meet customers and make new contacts at different exhibitions around the world.

Feel free to visit us and grab information about our products.



In Abu Dhabi, UAE

Hall 12, booth 12300

The ADIPEC exh is one of the largest trade fairs in the Middle East, attracting the Oil & Gas Industry since 1984.

From 12th-15 th November more than 100,000 trade professionals from over 135 countries are expected to attend the ADIPEC in the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC).

We are happy to display our products at the ADIPEC in Abu Dhabi with our partner Hatta at a joint stand. Here you will have the possibility to meet our Area Sales Manager Mr. Tobias Lang who is looking forward to inform you about our product range and further developments.



In Singapore, Singapore

Hall 1, booth 1 S4-06 Read more »

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October 30, 2018

Partner Training 2018 at INDUSTRONIC Singapore

In September, Steffen Sebold, a trainer from our Technical Support Center, travelled to our subsidiary in Singapore to make our partners from the Asian-Pacific region familiar with product enhancements and new products from INDUSTRONIC.

Mr. Bobby Tay, Director of INDUSTRONIC Singapore welcomed our partners from Indonesia, Malaysia and INDUSTRONIC Beijing at his premises. On 5 days, they received hands-on training, for example, on the following topics:

  • New functions of the DXC version 7.0.0
    • IAP – internal audio processing function
    • IP system gateway
    • Monitoring of Moxa switches via Modbus/TCP
  • DUSTRON – Our industrial communication app
  • Config Manager 4.6.0
  • New power supply systems: PSC, PSE, PSG
  • Network redundancy and audio synchronization with the NPA

Besides these topics, the participants also learned how to upgrade older systems to INTRON-D plus in an intensive workshop.

The evening activities after the training were also enjoyable for all participants. After dinner at Mount Faber Cable Car Station, the group visited Sentosa Island at night, a man-made island with a variety of attractions, located south of the Singapore’s city center. A Singapore Zoo boat trip and common lunch in Chinatown was a great finish to this fruitful training week.

Thanks to the 5-day intensive training, all participants have learned a great deal about the new features and products from INDUSTRONIC and how to use them in their daily work and to give the best possible support to their customers. It would be great to plan such an event again next year.

Impressions from the training

Group photo of the participants and their trainer Steffen Sebold

Enjoying dinner at Mount Faber Station

October 12, 2018

Autumn Activities

This year we were spoiled by sunshine and warm weather during our annual “INDUSTRONIC-Run”. The team consisted of thirteen participants, our President, our colleagues and their family members, running 4,5 km and 10 km distances.

Go team, go!













As you can see from the pictures – we had a great time and look forward to further events!

September 12, 2018

Gaining a Great Deal of Practical Experience – My Apprenticeship at INDUSTRONIC

This is a post from our apprentice Anna who gives an insight into her apprenticeship at INDUSTRONIC.

Hello, my name is Anna and I am an apprentice at INDUSTRONIC in Wertheim. I started my vocational training to become an industrial business management assistant in September 2017. Currently I´m in my first year of training and soon I´m going to write the intermediate examination.

In Germany, we have the so-called dual training system. This means as an apprentice I am working at the INDUSTRONIC company to gain practical experience and one and a half days a week I visit a vocational school in Bad Mergentheim. There, my classmates and I are studying economics, foreign languages and the handling of electronic data processing systems. I really enjoy the interaction with students from other companies and studying the theoretical knowledge of my future profession.

My apprenticeship takes two and a half years. With the German Abitur there is the possibility of an additional qualification in international management and foreign languages. One part of the additional qualification is a 5-week stay in Malta, which is organized by my vocational school and supported by the EU. The educational trip will take place at the beginning of my second year of training. During our time in Malta we will go to an English class for one week. For four weeks we will work at a Maltese company. I´m looking forward to this unique experience.

At INDUSTRONIC, I go through many different departments like Project Management, Purchasing, Sales and many others. I´m getting a great overview of all departments and my colleagues are taking a lot of time to explain their daily work.

At work I can use my knowledge from school. At school I benefit from my experiences from work.

My apprenticeship is very diverse and I really enjoy the combination of school and work. I´m very happy INDUSTRONIC enables me such a good apprenticeship.

If you want to learn more about the German dual training system, you can also visit the website of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.